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Midwives are calling for official guidance on how much weight is healthy for women to put on during pregnancy. One in five women in the UK are obese when they start...

Hundreds of thousands of babies' lives could be saved each year in developing countries thanks to a device made in Gwynedd. The BabySaver, developed by Professor...

Bad news for those who enjoy what they think is a healthy glass of wine a day. A large new global study published in the Lancet has confirmed previous research which...

Vaping for soem is the new cool, for others is a healthier option to the real thing, however studies suggest that vaping can damage vital immune system cells and may...

Taking omega-3 fish oil supplements is often touted as a simple way to protect your heart - but experts say the evidence that it does any good is flimsy at best. ...

Scientists from Australia and Britain have discovered a new method which may help to target the HIV virus as it makes its way to infecting cells. Scientists from the...

A new study of Italian centenarians published Thursday concluded that human longevity is slowly increasing and that contrary to past reports, the maximum lifespan for...

Breast cancer before menopause is slightly more, according to a study published in the journal JAMA Oncology. “It is well known that women who gain weight,...

During the colonial era, the police force was set up to oppress and intimidate the Nigerian people, coerce and extort taxes from them and prevent them from challenging...

A recent study looked at health differences between late and early risers, it appeared to make grim reading for night owls. Increased risk of early death,...


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