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So let us make love! The kind that goes beyond the coital mash up of mis matched bodies…Lol…don’t mind my word play…but you wouldn’t blame me. I mean there are some...

So I would be speaking for the 30...20...10...or 5% who think it is time to end the unfairness. Before I actually get on with it,...

‘Hey please, can you help me download snap chat’…huh? ‘How do they put that flower thing on whatsapp’…what?  ‘I hate Instagram because no message is private’…are you...

So let’s talk about that person who just always says hello when no one else does. That one who is willing to save you a seat at the...

A Physicist would explain ‘ripple effect’ to mean a situation in which, like ripples expand across the water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an...

Can you try walking backwards? Okay walking might be a little too much. So can you try taking a few steps backwards? Or could you try driving your car in reverse? What...

A lot of times we hear females being called different names; lady, woman, young lady, young woman, madam, girl, young girl…etc. So...

Ask a child what makes a clock tick and you might end up with ruptured lungs from too much laughter. From clueless answers like ‘Mummy’, to ‘the wall’ to somewhat...

When you touch me, I feel it.

Like I literally fight to stay still even as each nerve


Have you ever had to wonder this about a particular person? Have you ever had to use the adjective cold to qualify anyone in your life? A friend, Boss, colleague,...


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