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'Make sure you call me, I could pay you a visit in Lagos'. This formed a part of the conversation I had with him. I remember how...

I hear people make such lame excuses and I wonder who is actually kidding who? You wouldn't believe all the theatrics implored by our hearts and mind as an excuse for...

As one in the corporate world, I have watched us turn our offices to crime scenes where all sorts of lifestyle crimes are committed. We have let the comfort of our...

Picture this : You got in really late from work yesterday and after a hectic day which included your struggle through severe traffic congestion, all the strength you...

The Zika virus could spread to Europe this summer, although the likelihood of an outbreak is low to moderate, the World Health Organization has said. Areas most at...

Scientists in the US have warned that the shortage of yellow fever vaccines could spark a health security crisis. An outbreak of the mosquito-borne viral disease has...

A Verizon report has suggested that cyber-thieves are sticking to email as their preferred way to trick victims into falling for scams. The online crime groups were...

Rising levels of obesity may be fuelling an increase in the number of women diagnosed with womb cancer, the charity Cancer Research UK warns. Its figures show around...

A common drug could hold the key to long life, well in flies at least, according to research.
At low doses, lithium prolonged the life of fruit flies in lab...

A study suggests that, Vitamin D supplements may help people with diseased hearts. A trial on 163 heart failure patients found supplements of the vitamin, which is...


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