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A Verizon report has suggested that cyber-thieves are sticking to email as their preferred way to trick victims into falling for scams. The online crime groups were...

Rising levels of obesity may be fuelling an increase in the number of women diagnosed with womb cancer, the charity Cancer Research UK warns. Its figures show around...

A common drug could hold the key to long life, well in flies at least, according to research.
At low doses, lithium prolonged the life of fruit flies in lab...

A study suggests that, Vitamin D supplements may help people with diseased hearts. A trial on 163 heart failure patients found supplements of the vitamin, which is...

Using a scanner rather than a scalpel could spare hundreds of thousands of cancer patients from risky surgery, a study suggests. Head and neck tumours are treated with...

People are more likely to stop smoking if they stop abruptly instead of trying to wean off slowly. A study by Annals of Internal Medicine shows volunteers who used...

The effects of eating peanut products as a baby to avoid the risk of allergy have been backed up by new research. In 2015, a study claimed early exposure to peanut...

More than three-quarters of children aged 10 to 12 in the UK have social media accounts, even though they are below the age limit, a survey for CBBC Newsround suggests...

Microsoft has revealed details about the data it is tracking via its new operating system (OS), Windows 10. In a blog, the firm listed statistics on how many minutes...

Spending time with loved ones with dementia is important even after they fail to recognise the faces of friends and family, a dementia charity says. A survey found...


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