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‘His’ Monologue

When you touch me, I feel it.

Like I literally fight to stay still even as each nerve

ending threatens to burst out through these muscles you so love.

Whoever said I don’t eat proteins,

Drink Aloe Vera juice, Camomile tea or apply coconut oil on my beards to groom my otherwise

overgrown facial hairs?

I see you look at me with so much admiration and all I can do is ‘SMH’

because you would never believe that the reason I look so damn fly in whatever

I wear is as a result of long gym hours and impossible fitness drills you cannot even imagine.

Now let me explain that the strength in my stride is nothing but the bounce from my very expensive

Kamikaze sneaks so don’t go thinking I walk like a model…it is the shoes.

I see how you smile when you catch your friends ogling me and I marvel at just how blind you are.

Can’t you see you are smothering me with all the introductions?

I think your friends are hot too so sometimes I want to yell…tell you to just stop already as you are

making me uncomfortable.

I like to gossip too, talk about my colleagues and their very nasty habits.

But then how can I when all I hear all day is you…you…you

Trust me when I say I have my insecurities too. I don’t wear short sleeves to show my biceps

I do so mainly because I don’t think I can nail the whole long sleeves look.

I too want to hear you say how much I slay a particular look and who said I was vain?

It’s called appraisal.

Every time I am away on a trip or we have those fights that makes us go a while without speaking,

You bombard my phone with messages of how you’re hurting,

Forgetting that I am hurting just as much as you are.

But I am probably too much of a stereotypical

Guy to show it.

You can be so annoying, your tongue spits out angry words that sting so much I want to

Just break down and cry.

Yet you end up crying, almost like stabbing me and crying that you are bleeding.

I speak to you when I am angry and you scream verbal abuse.

Yet you do so and it is just fine.

I too can break.

Beneath all of this male machismo is a soul that hurts and loves and hopes as much as you do so

wherever did the idea come from that we are superhuman?

Tougher in appearance…yes

And although there is a huge gap between being a guy and being a lady.

Sometimes, it seems this gap is nothing but a thin membrane of perception, genetics and physical

Appearance…it is at those times we expect TLC from you in form of APPRECIATION,


Because we too can break…


Now tell me, is this even a man’s world when it seems like ladies get away with so much. Guys are human too, they can be scared, insecure, self-conscious, shy, afraid and sad. They hurt as much as we do you know. So as one who isn’t a feminist but a ‘Truth believer’, can we sometimes tone down with all the soprano wailings of our female perceptive lips and just take one chill pill, re-evaluate issues and you know be informed that: even the hottest of the bunch is as human as it gets.


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By Maureen Alasa.


On Air

with Lawrence
Tuesday to Friday: 12am - 6am


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