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Solace Behind Those Notes

How are you feeling today? If asked the one emotion you feel right now what would it be? Have you spent most of your week feeling a not so certain way? If you have, it is okay. We can all testify to the fact that there would be such days, the kind of days when nothing seems to give us joy. It could be a day of hurt when someone has hurt us or a day of difficulty when the hustling gets really discouraging and we feel lost and alone, almost like we are drowning in a pool of our own downheartedness.




Now I am sure that feeling that way the last thing you want is to pick up your smart phone but do you know that that simple device that you have so reduced to nothing but a tool for communication probably holds the key to your liberation? Okay, try this, go straight to your playlist and get your plug in device or ear piece, shut your eyes and just spend a few minutes with the tunes you can hear…every time you feel a little off, try this simple exercise and you would be amazed at just how much relief music can be to us as humans.




Like all other forms of therapy music can also be therapeutic if you let it. Depending on your mood, you may or may not focus on a particular song or genre. For those who have iPods or laptops filled with a potpourri of a variety of sounds, why let so  much richness go to waste when you can allow these sounds permeate your senses? When all you have to do is be naked to these songs by opening up your mind and focusing on them other than whatever you are going through regardless of the genre and they would sweep through your heart like a hurricane, taking with it all the down hearted feelings.




It is funny how we are quick to try Yoga and other forms of therapy, which are definitely not cost effective simply because we are ignorant of the benefits of that little device we carry about on a daily basis. Sometimes we search too far for solutions not so far and we end up getting fixes that aren’t what we need at that particular time because tell me, what use is Yoga when you are away at work and obviously  not close to your mat? when you are having a crappy work day or a bad day with friends or just in that really down place where nothing seems to be of interest? But sure you can easily see the need to plug into that mobile device lying fallow on your desk while you go through your day in beats.




So here are some of the ways music helps you as an individual:



-          Music brings back memories most of which could be fun ones.


-          Songs can be motivating.


-          Music inspires you.


-          It helps redirect your mind thus helping you maintain focus.


-          Music has been known to enhance creativity.


-          It sure lightens your mood and serves as a tool to fight depression.


-          It could reduce pain.


-          The act of listening to music can leave you energized afterwards


So what are you waiting for, sitting behind your desk and having a gloomy day when you can hum it away…don’t look too far for solace as you can find so much more behind those notes.



By Maureen Alasa



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