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Soul Serenade...

Growing up in a house of music, it is almost impossible to put an age to my soul because I have actually felt the depths of music from an era that existed long before me. As a little girl I knew Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Mariam Makeba, at a very tender age I knew Brenda Fassie and learnt to appreciate Angelique Kidjo for who she was. Too young to have had my first kiss but old enough to understand spoken language, I had a thing for the blues. I remember when Micheal Bolton meant 'sober reflection' even though I could not quite understand the kind of love he sang about and how Bryan Adams made me feel an unusual ease.


When Back street boys made my friends go crazy, I was old enough at the time and definitely not ready to jump on that band wagon as I still had my disc-man filled with Boys II Men, Wet Wet Wet, Blue and Oh yes! the world's greatest copy cats...West life...I could never get over how they owned other people's songs like it was theirs and I bet I knew what the rest of my then teenage world wasn't sure of, which was the fact that a couple of their songs were from a time before them.


I remember my cousin teaching me the lyrics to R kelly's 'I believe I can fly' and Whitney Houston's 'The greatest love of all' which was my 'go to' song when I approached the all too familiar 'Mother - daughter conflict age'...It kind of reminded me how I never wanted to be like anyone else but me...lol...(everyone goes through that rebellious stage you know).


In as much as music has now evolved, moving past Shanice and Spice Girls and also with the advancement in sounds reminding me that nobody can ever sound like Anita Baker or Barbara Streisand or even Tony Braxton, I still hear myself listening to Micheal jackson's 'The way you make me feel', even as I twerk to Rihanna's 'work' at my friend's parties.


Let's just say that my soul has had the best form of romance with real music. The type that could serenade any soul to that reality they dream of. Have you ever wondered how come the world now produces music that doesn't touch the soul? Don't get me wrong, there is still an amazing collection of contemporary songs out there, for your listening pleasure. But then, I would rather a Blackky sometimes, a Junior and Pretty, at other times, a Bach to help me on a day I have writer's block or a Beethoven when I want to escape from my reality.


I would always see myself dancing to 'Make it with you' by Bread, holding my husband-to-be as I lip sync to 'Show me heaven' by Maria Mckee, have my parents dance to Buju Banton before they give me away and of course make love with 'Loving you' or.'Endless love' playing in the background as I hope my partner does to me what these songs do to me.


In a different time and place I am the rarest specie of a specie of dinosaurs. The type who is a misfit and doesn't belong to the era she claims to have connection with. But I would rather have my soul serenaded from present to past, than have it teleported to a future where instead of feeding the soul, the music of that time would instead consume whatever is left of one's soul.


I've been dreaming, straight from my heart that someday, my soul would find that connection it had with the past and perhaps reunite with the present. So that an Onyeka Onwenu and Oliver de Coque would not be the only ones whose lyre can serenade my insatiable soul!


If you are anything like me...then I bet you would find solace in these words: the earth has music for those who listen...by William Shakespeare.



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